Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Journal 2019-09-20T01:32:10+02:00 Wojciech Francuzik Open Journal Systems <p>Diamond Open Access, peer-reviewed academic journal focused on the use of vacuum therapy.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Single-use NPWT device with telemedical wound monitoring in the treatment of acne inversa in apregnant patient – case report 2019-09-20T01:32:10+02:00 Kinga Zastawna Alicja Żalejko-Strychalska Tomasz Banasiewicz <p>Acne inversa (AI) is a chronic inflammatory skin<br>disease significantly impacting the patient’s quality of life.<br>Management guidelines for acne inversa during pregnancy do<br>not exist. We decided to use a single-use negative pressure<br>wound therapy (PICO, Smith &amp; Nephew) while managing a<br>pregnant patient with AI. Negative pressure wound therapy<br>(NPWT) seemed to improve the patient’s condition, managing<br>the exudation, reducing edema, and improving local regeneration,<br>as well as epithelialization. The method was also absolutely<br>safe for the fetus and feasible to conduct in the outpatient<br>department - what was of utmost importance for the patient.<br>The telemedical monitoring of wound healing using mobile<br>technologies seems to be gaining importance for patients and<br>medical practitioners. In the described case, we used the iWound<br>(Polmedi, Poland) application in an outpatient setting.</p> 2019-07-20T19:57:05+02:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Instillation-TIME (iTIME) as a rationale amendment for TIME conception. Is there enough evidence for the efficiency of negative pressure wound therapy with instillation (iNPWT) to announce a breakthrough idea for wound treatment? 2019-09-20T01:32:09+02:00 Adam Bobkiewicz Adam Studniarek Łukasz Krokowicz Michał Drews Tomasz Banasiewicz <p>An increased number of patients developing difficult-to-heal wounds results in billions spending for chronic wound care management. Introduction of TIME conception has been a breakthrough idea for wound healing based on phase-adapted wound therapy that interacts and influence each other and included: T – tissue management, I - infection control, M - moisture balance, E - edge of the wound. Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) revolutionized the management of wound healing. Moreover, recently NPWT with instillation (iNPWT) has gained the popularity of optimizing wound healing. <br>In the context of acceleration of wound healing, iNPWT meets the criteria of the TIME conception. All individual components of TIME strategy are found in iNPWT providing “all in one” conception. Such management is easy to apply, monitor and it is well- tolerated by patients. Based on the current studies, iNPWT is found to be an important alternative for other methods of wound healing. It is believed that iNPWT will evolve and gain popularity as an innovative treatment for TIME conception.</p> 2019-07-20T19:58:34+02:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##